VM/Bare-Metal Deployment

This recipe explains how to use KubeArmor directly on a VM/Bare-Metal machine, and we tested the following steps on Ubuntu hosts.

The recipe installs kubearmor as systemd process and karmor cli tool to manage policies and show alerts/telemetry.

Download and Install KubeArmor

  1. Download the latest release or KubeArmor.

  2. Install KubeArmor (VER is the kubearmor release version)

sudo apt --no-install-recommends install ./kubearmor_${VER}_linux-amd64.deb

Note that the above command doesn't installs the recommended packages, as we ship object files along with the package file. In case you don't have BTF, consider removing --no-install-recommends flag.

For distributions other than Ubuntu/Debian
  1. Refer Installing BCC to install pre-requisites.

  2. Download release tarball from KubeArmor releases for the version you want

wget https://github.com/KubeArmor/KubeArmor/releases/download/v${VER}/kubearmor_${VER}_linux-amd64.tar.gz
  1. Unpack the tarball to the root directory:

sudo tar --no-overwrite-dir -C / -xzf kubearmor_${VER}_linux-amd64.tar.gz
sudo systemctl daemon-reload

Start KubeArmor

sudo systemctl start kubearmor

Check the status of KubeArmor using sudo systemctl status kubearmor or use sudo journalctl -u kubearmor -f to continuously monitor kubearmor logs.

Apply sample policy

Following policy is to deny execution of sleep binary on the host:

apiVersion: security.kubearmor.com/v1
kind: KubeArmorHostPolicy
  name: hsp-kubearmor-dev-proc-path-block
    - path: /usr/bin/sleep # try sleep 1

Save the above policy to hostpolicy.yaml and apply:

karmor vm policy add hostpolicy.yaml

Now if you run sleep command, the process would be denied execution.

Note that sleep may not blocked if you run it in the same terminal where you apply the above policy. In that case, please open a new terminal and run sleep again to see if the command is blocked.

Get Alerts for policies and telemetry

karmor logs --json
  "Timestamp": 1639803960,
  "UpdatedTime": "2021-12-18T05:06:00.077564Z",
  "ClusterName": "Default",
  "HostName": "pandora",
  "HostPID": 3390423,
  "PPID": 168556,
  "PID": 3390423,
  "UID": 1000,
  "PolicyName": "hsp-kubearmor-dev-proc-path-block",
  "Severity": "1",
  "Type": "MatchedHostPolicy",
  "Source": "zsh",
  "Operation": "Process",
  "Resource": "/usr/bin/sleep",
  "Data": "syscall=SYS_EXECVE",
  "Action": "Block",
  "Result": "Permission denied"

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